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Here Are Some Things You Need To Know About Drying Vent Cleaning

dryer_duct_IA The National Fire Protection Association estimates that there were an average of 15,970 home fires each year caused by the clothes dryers. These fires resulted in nearly $238 million of damage and 13 deaths.

For your home’s safety and comfort, dryer vent cleaning Des Moines is a must. Companies like Supreme Dryer Vent Cleaning can help. This can prevent any damage to your home, and it will also help you save money on energy bills. Before you begin the process, there are some helpful things to know.

Supreme Dryer Vent Cleaning Prices

Dryer vent cleaning is expensive. Depending on which company you choose, it can also be very expensive if the vents are not cleaned. Because linty vents can lead to heat buildup and short circuits. Lint can cause a fire because it is highly flammable. To avoid problems like this, you should clean your vents at least once a year.

Compare companies to find out which services they offer and what prices you can expect. Most dryer vent cleaning companies provide free estimates. Ask about their dryer vent cleaning process and what they can prove. Avoid companies that can’t show proof of their work.

Cleaning your vents will depend on the size and complexity of your job. It will cost more to clean vents that are located on roofs than those at ground level. It will cost more if the dryer vent line is longer than twenty to twenty-five feet. Other issues, such as a damaged transition duct or dryer itself, may also be needed.

The size and complexity of your job will determine the cost of cleaning your vents. If the vent line is on the roof, it will be more expensive than if it were ground level.  If the dryer vent line is thirty-five to forty feet long rather than ten or twelve feet, it will be more expensive. You may also have other issues that need fixed like a broken transition duct or the dryer itself, needs cleaned out.

It may take half a day to relocate your vents if you have a big job. This will cost more. It will cost more to climb into an attic to reconnect a dryer vent line that is disconnected. 

You can expect to pay approximately $110 for a basic first-floor vent cleaning. Supreme Dryer Vent Cleaning Des Moines charges $100 to clean your ground-level dryer vent.

Changing of the dryer vent cover outside the house is another common expense associated with dryer vent cleaning. The vent cover can crack or break due to sun damage and age. It may be necessary to replace the vent cover to keep pests away and weather from getting inside. 

A dryer fire is the main cause
dryer_fire_IASupreme Dryer Vent Cleaning Des Moines is able to help you prevent home fires. This will protect your dryer and ensure safety. It will dry clothes in a shorter time, which will help you save money on energy.

There are many reasons dryer fires can happen. Lint buildup along the vent line from the exterior of your house is one of the leading causes of dryer vent fires. Lint buildup can reduce airflow and cause excessive heat buildup in dryers. Lint can be highly flammable and ignite if heated excessively.

There is also the possibility of dryer lint getting clogged up. The dryer can become too hot and ignite the lint.

To avoid such fires, it is a good idea for your duct to be cleaned by professionals. Professional cleaners use safe, efficient methods. They can clean out your dryer vent and dryer from all the lint, and also remove any fire hazards.

The energy bills are rising

Electric clothes dryers can be operated using 220 volts electricity or natural gas. To get the best out of your money, it is essential to ensure that the dryer runs as efficiently as possible. It makes the dryer last longer as well.

Homes & Gardens states that a large family will pay about $104 annually for a fully functioning clothes dryer. If the vent line is blocked and dryer has to be run twice as long, you’ll pay $208 per annum.

The dryer takes longer to dry clothes if the lint from the drying of clothes builds up inside the dryer vent line. You will need to run the dryer for a few cycles. You may end up running it through three to four cycles, but the clothes might not dry completely. This adds to your fuel and/or electric bill.

We don’t have to stop at the additional fuel cost. Clogged dryer vent lines will trap moisture in the dryer. The moisture buildup over time will cause water to leak through dryer vent lines. Leakage water can cause damage to ceilings and walls.

It is important to realize that clothes dryers are more efficient if they dry clothes faster. Appliance repair and replacement can be costly.

Due to the potential damage and the costs involved in not cleaning dryer vent lines on a regular basis, homeowners should take dryer vent cleaning seriously. Supreme Dryer Vent Cleaning Des Moines will schedule appointments and remind customers two weeks in advance. 

Other considerations

A dryer that has lint accumulation can trap moisture in it, increasing the likelihood of clothes and laundry rooms smelling musky. Mold can be a problem.

You also have excess heat buildup in your dryer, which can make it difficult to exhaust properly. This can cause excessive heat to burn your clothes. Sometimes dryers can become too hot to touch. This can be dangerous. Unnecessary expense can result from clothing damage.


It is recommended that dryer vent cleaning Des Moines and the surrounding area be done at least once a year in order to avoid fires and other damage. Supreme Dryer Vent Cleaning is a reliable company that can do the job quickly, efficiently, and cheaply. They can be out to your house within 48 hours after making the call.