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What Can You Expect from a Quality Air Duct Cleaning Company?

supreme-techiciansSupreme Air Duct Cleaning has been cleaning air ducts in Des Moines for some time and there is a lot of competition. There are many stories about companies that act in a misleading and unprofessional manner.

This article is intended to help the reader understand the expectations of an air duct cleaning service in Des Moines and the surrounding areas. You will be able to make a better decision when you are looking for the best Des Moines air duct cleaner.

Does the company have an in-depth knowledge of an Air Duct System.

Professional, licensed air duct cleaning companies will have greater knowledge about your HVAC system and air ducts than most people. Professional duct cleaning services will have extensive knowledge and years of experience about your system.

Good companies will be better equipped to diagnose what is wrong with your ducts and offer a more thorough cleaning. They will also be able to diagnose problems beyond their scope and direct you to the right person so that you can get your issues resolved. Supreme Air Duct Cleaning has relationships with several HVAV repair and installation companies for any home owners who have a larger issue than just cleaning.

Has the company trained professionals?

Only trained technicians should be permitted to clean your vent lines or your air ducts. These highly-trained technicians are the hallmark of any air duct cleaning company. Supreme Air Duct Cleaning employs only the most skilled air duct cleaners in Des Moines. Our chief technician has more than 5 years of experience in air duct cleaning, and has worked on over 600 air-duct systems.

Two years of training was completed by him, while he worked under a master Des Moines air duct cleaner. He now puts his professional duct-cleaning skills to good use in Des Moines and the nearby areas. He is now one of the most highly-respected air duct cleaners in Des Moines.

Hiring a professional will ensure that you don’t have to worry about any duct damage and poor results. If you attempt to clean your air-ducts yourself, your home and health could be at risk.

Does your company have the most effective and efficient cleaning equipment?

The equipment used by professional air duct technicians is more powerful than those used by DIYers. Professional vacuum cleaners (also known as negative vacuum machines) are more powerful than those used by homeowners. Let’s take a look at the equipment that professional air duct cleaners use in Des Moines.

Negative Air Machines

These vacuums are used to collect dust and other lighter particles during air duct cleaning. The house may become dusty without them. The HVAC system’s negative air machines are usually attached on the cold side of the HVAC system, right before the filter. This is used to clean the cold air return portion of the HVAC system. When cleaning the supply side, the connector for the negative air machine should be just above the “A” coil.

Supreme Air Duct Cleaning uses a portable, negative air machine called a Hypervac. It’s easy to maneuver and has lots of suction.

Agitation Source

You will need a vacuum to collect dust and debris. However, you will also need an agitation system to remove the debris from the vent lines.

Supreme Air Duct Cleaning Des Moines uses an air system that includes rods and whips. Some companies use a rotating brush system. High pressured air causes the whips to “dance” on the vent lines and whip around, breaking up any dust or debris.

The air pushes the debris and dust down towards the machine at the same time. Depending on the job, we use different whip stiffness levels. Older systems require stiffer whips while newer systems use softer whips. Also, flexible vent lines need soft whips.

The problem with a brush system was that it can damage insulated flex duct vent lines. Insulated flex ducts are made from thin-walled plastic and covered with insulation. If you’re not careful, they can easily fall apart.

Camera System

You can only verify that the cleaning was successful by looking in the trunk and vent lines. If a company is serious about its reputation, they will offer proof of cleaning by providing before and after photos and videos. Afterall, customers are paying a good amount of money and need to see proof that they got what they paid for.

Supreme Air Duct Cleaning Des Moines uses an incline camera system and our cell phones. Yes, you can use your cell phone. Yes, we can take photos and videos of every vent line and trunk line. These are a hit with customers and have received many rave reviews. This is why we are considered the best air duct cleaners Des Moines and the surrounding areas.

Does the Company have an Identifiable Vehicle

Although it may seem like a small issue, Supreme Air Duct Cleaning Des Moines believes in vans that are clean and well-maintained. You should also have clearly marked vehicles that show your company name, what it does, and how you can get in touch with the person who gives the free quotes.

People can be scared by an unmarked van driving through their neighborhood. You might consider telling the customer ahead of time if you have an unmarked van so they are not surprised when you arrive.


Supreme Air Duct Cleaning Des Moines is a top-rated air duct cleaner in Des Moines and the surrounding areas. We combine our extensive knowledge of cleaning air ducts with the most effective equipment available. You can also add the photos we take of our work to show you how it turned out.

Our techs are courteous and well groomed and they enjoy answering any questions the customer might have. They enjoy having customers watch them work and they explain the cleaning process along the way.

Supreme Air Duct Cleaning is the best choice for Des Moines air duct cleaning. You can also fill out the form on the company website to get a free quote.