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How to Get Cigarette Smoke out of Your House

At Supreme Air Duct Cleaning Des Moines, we get calls from real estate agents, landlords, and apartment managers looking to get rid of the cigarette smell in their properties. It depends on the amount of time that the smoke has been present in the home but if it’s been a while, this can make it one of the most difficult smells to eliminate in a house and requires a lot of work.

There are a few ways to get rid of the cigarette smoke smell in your home. The following is the most popular with our customers. 

You might need to replace your carpet or blinds

It may not be possible to remove the smoke smell from the carpet or blinds depending on the age of the carpet and the time that people have been smoking in your home.

We recommend that blinds be replaced. It is usually easier and cheaper to replace them as they are often discolored by smoke.

Baking soda can be used to save the carpet. Baking soda should absorb the smoke smell. The baking soda should do a good job at removing the smoke smell from the carpets. If it does not, you’ll need to replace the padding and carpet.

Paint the ceiling and walls

Ceilings and walls may appear discolored or covered with nicotine. Intek Cleaning & Restorationoffers a variety of cleaning options that can be used depending on your preferences. White vinegar, ammonia and trisodiumphosphate are just a few of the options. It is best to do research about your particular situation.

You will need a towel to soak the ceiling and walls in the cleaning solution. Next, wipe the surfaces clean with a towel and water. To dry the surfaces, dry them with a towel.

It’s finally time to paint everything. Although you may be able to make the ceilings or walls look great, it is not common to achieve a beautiful finish so painting is recommended.

Clean the air ducts

It’s now time to clean your air ducts. That’s where Supreme Air Duct Cleaning Des Moines comes in. Because the HVAC system circulated cigarette smoke throughout the house, it is obvious that the vent lines inside are covered in smoke.

It is possible that dust has built up on the ductwork and air vent lines before smoke has been exhaled. It will be easier to clean. The metal ductwork can’t be cleaned if the smoke has clung to it. To do this, you would have to disassemble the entire system.

The sanitizer won’t mask the smell, but it will eventually wear off and reveal the smoke smell. Supreme Air Duct Cleaning has found that we clean them as we would any other dirty air duct system. Then, we run our commercial-grade ozone machines. Ozone is the best way to get rid of cigarette smoke.

Use charcoal furnace filters

After cleaning the air ducts and running the ozone machines it is logical to use a charcoal furnace filters. This charcoal filter does a great job at capturing odor-causing molecules.

Although charcoal filters are more costly than regular air-duct filters, breathing fresh air is well worth the extra expense. Online research is available on charcoal filters.

Run a quality air purifier

After cleaning the ducts and putting in a charcoal filter, an air purifier with a high-quality HEPA filter can be used to remove odors. It can filter molecules down to 0.1 microns.

Another type of filter you should look for is the activated carbon filter. This filter is not like a HEPA filter. Instead, it filters out odors and doesn’t trap particles. To activate the carbon filter, you will need to open a charcoal can. This can be done in any room that the air purifier is installed.

Generators for Ozone

An ozone generator can eliminate the smoke smell from your home. These devices can completely eliminate the odor.

Many contaminants can be removed using Ozone. Ozone can also help with bad odors in and around buildings. Ozone is less harmful than other pesticides and mold inhibitors and may not cause as many health problems as other chemicals.

Ozone has the unique ability of altering the molecular structure of odor-causing molecules. Ozone can saturate and spread all materials it comes into contact with. When it is introduced into a room, Ozone can destroy bacteria, viruses, and odors.

The Supreme Air Duct Cleaning Des Moines Ozone Machines are commercial-grade and can remove cigarette odors. The high power of the ozone machines comes with some precautions that the user must take.

Remember the three P’s: No pets, no people, and no plants. Because the high levels of ozone can cause health problems, the user must ensure that the house is free from pets, people and plants.

Second, do not return to your dwelling for at least two hours after the ozone machine has shut down. It takes this long for the air in your home to return to safe levels. It will take a few hours or days for the air to return to a “normal” smell state.

The high concentration of ozone in the machines can cause carpet bleaching. The machines should be run for four hours, then let them rest for eight before they are again used.

You may need to run the Ozone Machines twice daily for between 3 and 4 days depending on how bad you smell when you start the process.

One final tip on ozone: Turn the HVAC system’s air to “on” so that the ozone can circulate throughout the HVAC system. We take out the filter. This allows the ozone in the house to circulate evenly.


Cigarette smoke is one the most difficult odors to get rid. Cleaning and replacing blinds and carpets takes a lot of effort. Run ozone machines and clean the HVAC system. Good charcoal furnace filters are also recommended. You can find them at Air Filters Incorporated.

It is a good idea for keeping the air clean and odor-free to run an air purifier after you have removed the smoke smell. It is a good idea to use charcoal filters in every room.

Supreme Air Duct Cleaning Des Moines is an expert in the removal of cigarette smoke. Give us a call if you have questions.