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Reducing Dust in Your Home

Supreme Air Duct Cleaning in Ankeny is becoming increasingly popular as we become more aware of allergies and the toxic chemicals that can be found in our surroundings. Your air vents, and the ductwork accumulate a lot of dust during normal occupancy. Dust is a mixture of dust, dirt, pollen, dust mites, and dead skin cells as stated in an article from National Geographic, dust is a collection of microscopic particles of material.

The best way to remove dust is by cleaning your air ducts. It’s not easy to get rid of the dust, but maintaining a healthy air quality inside your home is important. These quick tips will help you reach your goal. Call Supreme Air Duct Cleaning in Ankeny to get added to our schedule for a professional air duct cleaning service.

1. Clean Your Furnace

Blower_CompartmentCleaning your gas or electric furnace can improve your indoor air quality. Over time, dust, hair and other debris can accumulate in your heater, decreasing its efficiency. This can also lead to higher bills as it will burn more fuel to get the same heat. Consistent furnace maintenance and cleaning will not only improve the indoor air quality but also prevent future costly repairs. This will reduce the chance of an explosion or fire. Consider air duct cleaning in Ankeny. We will clean the furnace, as well as your air ducts. 

2. How to Clean Air Filters

Regularly replacing your air filters is one way to keep dust out of your house. This is crucial for several reasons. In general, you should replace the filter about every 30 to 60 days. When you do, you may find that your filter is extra dirty. You may also notice a buildup of dust, hair, or debris around the vent frames. These two signs indicate you need a new HVAC filter as well as air duct cleaner. Knowing how often to change your filter will depend on many factors such as the furnace type, household pets and your smoking habits. 

Checking your ducts for leaks and rodent invasion is also a good idea. Rodents may cause serious damage and foul odors to your ductwork. You don’t want your house to be filled with dust that can cause people to struggle to breath. Contact Supreme for an air duct cleaning quote at your residence or office building. Supreme Air Duct Cleaning Ankeny IA can help clean your vents. Supreme Air Duct cleaning will eliminate any pet or human dander and dust from your vents. As part of our air duct service, we’ll take photos to demonstrate what we removed from your vents.

3. Clean Your Windows

As time passes, the window glass collects dust and dirt from trees, birds, cars and other sources of pollution. This buildup can block sunlight and obstruct vision if it isn’t removed. You can easily keep your window clean and streak-free by following a few simple steps.

Clean your windows once or twice annually, both inside and outside. Carolyn Forte is the director of Good Housekeeping Institute Cleaning Lab. She recommends cleaning your windows thoroughly to eliminate dust, dirt and other stains. To clean your windows, Forte recommends that you use a solution of mild water with soap. Avoid harsh chemicals such as ammonia and alcohol-based products. This can create streaks or a film, which will attract dust, pollen and water.

4. Clean Your Carpet

Pet_HairIt is essential to keep your carpets clean. You should vacuum it and deep clean it at least once a year. your pets can also be a dust source even if they are short haired. Vacuum up any pet dander and hair that may be hidden. Included in this are the cushions on your sofa, the furniture behind it and all cracks and crevices where your pet tends to hide. Try to groom and brush your pet every week. This will help keep the dander levels down. It’s still important to brush and groom your pet even if it doesn’t shed a lot.

Vacuuming regularly will remove dirt, dander and other particles from carpet fibers. This makes your carpet more comfortable. This is particularly important for areas that receive a high amount of traffic such as hallways or staircases. Keep your vacuum clean and maintain it. Unclean vacuums that aren’t cleaned regularly can end up pushing out more dust. To keep your vacuum running efficiently, empty the canister, change the bags/filters as needed and keep the brushwheel free of any hairs.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency recommends that you use a HEPA vacuum or vacuum bags with the highest level of efficiency. The amount of dust that is in the air can be increased by vacuuming. This includes the time between vacuuming and the cleaning. Try to move the furniture before vacuuming to reach any dirt that may be hidden. It will prevent carpet indents and help keep it looking good for longer. Vacuum in horizontal and vertical direction to remove the dirtiest part of your carpet. It will speed up the cleaning process and ensure you do not miss any spots.


For people with allergies, dust can cause a lot of problems in their homes. These few tips can keep your home cleaner and help reduce dust. Clean your air filters, dust off your furnace, and your window frames. Vacuum regularly. Groom your pet regularly to limit the amount that can enter your home. Dander and pet hair are a major source of dust. Another great way of preventing dust is by changing your sheets on a regular basis. It is important to change your sheets regularly to prevent the accumulation of dead skin in beds. This can cause dust to build up. Use a filter of high quality for your heater to help control dust. Change your filters monthly to prevent airborne dust particles and other pollutants. Supreme Air Duct Cleaning, located in Ankeny, can solve any of your problems. Get $50 off your air duct cleaning service plus a free dryer vent cleaning service by contacting us today.